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Open Your Izola Saver Account!
Open an Izola Izola Saver+ Term Deposit
After opening your Izola Saver account you can log onto the Izola Saver site and open Izola Saver+ term deposit of different durations. An Izola Saver+ term deposit can be opened with a minimum amount of EUR 500.
Please note that only Personal Customers (non-corporate) can open an Izola Saver account.
Open an Izola Saver Account
Before starting please ensure you have your identity card available as you will need to refer to it during the application process. You will also need the IBAN number of your Principal Account which will be linked to your Izola Saver account. We define your Principal Account as an account you already hold in your name at an established bank in Malta, Belgium or France depending on your residency.

If you wish to open a joint account you must also hold a Principal Account in both your names. Either of you can confirm transactions on your Izola Saver account once this is opened. Please select the type of account you wish to open.
 Open an Individual Account 
 Open a Joint Account